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When looking for a holistic spa with great facilities, you will want one that accommodates different types of treatments. Below are some pictures that are good examples of a great spa.

Facilities should include: Hydro Spa, Sauna, Turkish Steam Room, Infrared Detox Suana, Aromatherapy Hot Tub, Floatation Therapy Room, plus a comprehensive range of comlementary therapies.

Spa Room

Catering should be provided for guests in a dining area which has been designed to encourage camaraderie. The chef should provide a range of locally sourced organic food to enhance your feeling of well-being.

Dining Room

We look forward to ensuring you leave refreshed, invigorated, and in a relaxed state of mind having spent quality time at a local holistic spa.


From ancient civilizations to modern day, there are certain philosophies and also techniques that are timeless, especially when it comes to natural and holistic health and healing. This site should shed some light on this. But remember, always reach out to your local health provider before starting new health regimines or treatments.

Relax, revive, rejuvenate and rediscover yourself...


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